Google Photos introduces the Cinematic Image: Renders feature with the help of ML


Google planned to launch a new feature in their google photos by next month that is Cinematic photos, New feature google photos brings a 3D-like effect to the images. Google uses Machine learning to identify the depth of the image and for the production of 3D effects of the scene, For the smooth panning effect, it will be animated with a virtual camera. Google gives wider consideration to the valuable memories of a person so that they will rolling out new themes for the preservation of memories with important people or events in one’s life such as activities like cooking or baking, sunsets, etc.

Google photos automatically create cinematic photos and these automatically created ones will show up as a highlight at the top of the photo grid once they are ready. Google made all announcements about new features of google photos as a blog post. Cinematic photos will help to remind all past beautiful events in a way that feels more bright and realistic.

Memories in google photos will have more themes, Soon people can see memories about things like hiking or baking only based on the photos uploaded. Google also announces users that they have control over hiding specific people or specific time range from showing up in their memories.

In Google photos also getting refreshed collage designs, artistically designed richer layouts getting fame and style using artificial intelligence. in the case of layouts specifically for a selection of photos, it will be picked by identifying similar colors to pronunciation details like the font.

Google photos have another feature have about lasting of their cloud storage. Recently Google announced that google photos have unlimited storage from June 1 next year. In the case a 15 GB free cap gets over, users of google photos will have to spend an amount to store their photos and videos. This new tool gives users a benefit to identifying which and when current storage will run out, based on personal upload account history and it is also useful to know how much amount of storage space existed in google drive and Gmail.

Google photos will appear totally new form with newly added features, Cinematic photos will start rolling out on Google Photos from next month and New themes for Memories on Google Photos are also being rolled out. Cinematic photos in the form of 3D can be shared as a video with others.


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