Google tests voice matching for Google Assistant for secured purchases


Google has come up with a new method with Google Assistant’s Voice Match feature to purchase secularly, which works through voice detection as a part of q limited pilot program. It tells the difference between who is addressing it and helps to recognize each person through their voice as dialect, tone, and sound of each person is different and unique. This helps the smart speakers and smart displays to do purchases safely, secularly, and conveniently. As it is in the initial stage, it is limited to in-app digital purchases via Google play store and can be used for restaurant orders as well.

There is an instruction in the Google’s support page to activate this feature, some customers say that they can only see the option to enable assistance existing fingerprint, face, number or pattern unlock security methods but other users said that they could see the voice match menu option when they follow the instruction, but this software gets freeze when they tried to enable it.

But the Android Police says that there is a risk in it while doing Google Assistant’s Voice Match feature to purchase. If someone with a similar voice of the user tries to do purchase through the device, the exact user logged into, there is a chance of fraudulent purchase. So they say that it cannot be called as the most secure method. But reports say that it is much more convenient than that of Alexa’s existing security methods, as it allows the user to use a PIN to protect the purchase made by detecting the voice of the user.

Google Assistant feature helps to identify the person through their voice. 9 to 5 Google reported last month that this system helps to identify people and distinguishing between them with “significantly higher accuracy”. Even though there is a risk factor in it because there are limitations in this system on how much money a user can spend using just his or her voice as security. Everyone knows that voice itself is the identity, thus it is unique and fraudulence can be limited up to 70% for sure


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