HCL Technologies Actian launching its Avalanche on Google Cloud


HCL technologies which are global system integrators based on Noida India and have an 80 percent ownership stake in Actian is launching avalanche hybrid cloud data warehousing service build on Google cloud and it has 20 percent superior performance when comparing to the deployments on amazon web services (AWS) and Microsoft azure.

Actian avalanche is designed to handle operational analytics workloads and also support industry standards including SQL which can be used for migration of legacy data-warehouses such as IBM Netezza, Oracle Exadata, and also Teradata to google cloud by holding google cloud hybrid and multi-cloud Anthos platform.

Raghu Chakravarthy, chief product officer of Actian said that It is also able to hold differentiation which is provided by Google in terms of its cloud platform such as backhaul infrastructure and low-latency networking and also for storage access. Also in the past, they have proven that their performance cost, as well as their performance differentiation along with their standard TPC-H benchmark data, as compared with other dhPaas providers such as snowflake as well as provided natively by AWS, also in comparing other providers performance differentiation they were able to deliver 20 percent superior query performance and also cost for the performance comparing to their performance in AWS and as well as Azure.

Actian avalanche will be previewed to the existing customers and also available from the December target date. Also, this avalanche is integrated with google cloud’s looker business intelligence as well as the analytics platform and also has other popular saas and enterprise applications. They are planning to deliver it with the help of google Kubernetes engine in the form of completely containerized and as well as the microservices format so that it can be flexible and scalable in demand.

Chakravarthi also said that Action has a very different approach to the cloud data warehousing by data integration and also edge data warehousing capabilities in their portfolio. The present action avalanche has integrated data access functions and also they are going to integrate with google data fusion and all other ecosystem tools which google provides so that they have easy access to sourcing data which can be obtained from anywhere 200 to 300 sources and can also land data quickly without the help of any third-party provider like ETL tools. Also, they are planning to provide an edge analytics capability with the help of their edge offering.


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