How AI is transforming digital marketing?


The evolution of digital transformation has made a significant impact on marketing. This had lead to the development of what is called digital marketing which is a broader term that encompasses social media marketing, email marketing, YouTube marketing, search engine marketing, and so on. While these are the tools that marketers use to reach their target audience, Artificial Intelligence is now used for digital marketing to map the right promotional tools depending on the specific market requirement.

A combination of AI and digital marketing has been extensively adopted across various sectors including retail, health care, education, financial services, etc. AI tools and digital marketing are used to access the lifetime value of a customer accurately and to analyze the return on investment, evaluate the overall prospects of the business thus enabling enhanced customer experience and value delivery. The industries with the profound impact of AI and digitization are:

  • Healthcare: The impact of AI and digitization in the health sector is more rewarding. This digitization of health procedures has enabled virtual consultation with doctors, receive online health records and appointments. Various AI tools can be used to consolidate the data sets of patients to offer better user experience and effective treatment & cure.
  • Travel and Tourism: AI tools have been increasingly used in the travel industry which made travel much easier by reducing the reliance on travel agents. Data collected by these tools enable companies to push customized messages based on the customers’ travel history. Digital marketers are also making use of the data generated for promotional ads, offers, online campaigns for both online and offline platforms.
  • Retail: Online and offline retailers are both leveraging the benefits of AI and digital marketing to provide enhanced customer experience. Players in the retail industry are integrating digital marketing and AI tools to analyze the purchasing patterns of their customers, measure the outcomes of their promotional campaigns, etc.

Thus in the world of digital marketing, AI can rationalize marketing campaigns as well as reduce the risk of human errors, generate more effective customer touchpoints. The advantages that AI and analytics can bring to the digital marketing ecosystem might evolve further shortly.


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