How IBM Cognos Analytics is Transforming Business


As the business is transforming itself digitally day by day there is also an increase in variety and a large amount of data is being generated. Also, organizations are enlarging their business intelligence for increasing their capabilities to generate insight that can help them to identify new opportunities and for driving better decision making for both internally and as well as externally. Market researchers from the DataTerrain forecast found that the global market for BI and analytics software will be reaching $55.4 Billion by 2026.

As one of the top 3 players in the BI solutions, IBM Cognos Analytics is expanding its footprint rapidly and also set a benchmark for their peers.IBM Cognos is preferred by Fortune 100 companies and also works with the largest organizations around the world. The functionality that is provided by IBM Cognos addresses many categories such as BI applications such as web-based OLAP analysis, formatting reports, ad-hoc reporting, and also dashboard. These all are in one platform and IBM Cognos handles these together from data modeling and also for integration for exploration and visualizations.

It can handle large volumes of data volumes for providing support to the needs of many concurrent users. Integrating cognitive computing technologies such as AI, ML, IBM expands the self-service features of its analytic platform.

What sets IBM Cognos apart is as follows :

  • Different flexible options for deployment on-prem, cloud.
  • All-in-one portfolio of features from OLAP, ad-hoc reporting, and advanced analytics.
  • Capabilities for advanced analytics, also for cognitive BI with automation.
  • Provide widespread and easy accessible partner and also support the community.
  • Continues investment from IBM and innovative upgrades in BI, cognitive, and also data management for advanced analytics.

Some of the examples of how IBM Cognos has transformed customer operations in different industry such as :

  • A major retailer in the US uses IBM Cognos to automate its review and incentive compensation calculations, especially for its client services.
  • A consumer packaged food company based in the US uses IBM Cognos for removing the dependency on the spreadsheets and to get visibility for controlling expenses at a different level of the supply chain.
  • Leading travel agency in the UK solved its consolidated reporting and their visibility to financial metrics using the IBM Cognos solutions.
  • Leading pension funds in Canada increased their management of its complex hierarchies, dimension, structure in financial reporting through IBM Cognos.


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