How the pandemic spurred the growth of online shopping?


If we look into history every 100 years the earth is ravaged by a plague from the bubonic plague that ravaged Europe in 1720, the cholera outbreak in 1820, the Spanish flu in 1920 every 100 years it has repeated.

Now after 100 years the pattern has repeated and the corona pandemic has gripped the world and made it come to its knees. But after every pandemic, after every cycle of death and destruction there came a cycle of rebirth after the bubonic plague of 1720 Europe went through the renaissance. Similarly the current pandemic caused by the corona virus has caused drastic changes in our lives. We have gone more digital, we have found ways to make organisations work even when we are far. Work from home ,something that is given for people who have difficulty working from office is now given to everyone and organisations are thinking to make it mandatory for everyone.

Pandemic and Online Shopping

Since all of us were forced inside we had to find ways to make the current mechanism to move one way or another. The infrastructure for this was already available. With the introduction of jio 4G was made available to a large no of Indians. Since most of the working population has access to internet the use of online platform has also increased along with the use of internet itself. Flipkart and Amazon has re-vivified their online grocery shopping and has also increased their sales by having discount sales and increased offers. Reliance has announced to team up with Whatsapp to bring a new online platform that emphasises on going local.

The Next Shift

With the change to a more digital life style has happened once the pandemic settles down people are going to follow this lifestyle. Even if it won’t this acute or this extreme the vestiges of the change will remain and the changes that have happened during this pandemic will be the corner stones of the next generation of change. A generation in which students won’t have to go to classes or even schools to attend classes, work will be mostly done from home than the office. The wheels of change towards digitalization has already been set to motion and we can well be looking into the beginning of a digital age.


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