How to Overcome the Challenges Faced by Big Data


Big data are huge data sets that are calculated using computers to find out relations, patterns, and trends, primarily which is linked to human interactions and behavior.

As big data contains large amounts of personally identifiable information, so privacy becomes a major concern. The consequences of security breaches in big data can be shocking as it may affect a big group of people.

Implement Endpoint Security

A trusted certificate at every endpoint will help to ensure that your data stays secure. Extra measures that an organization can take is to make use of resource testing regularly and enable only the trusted devices to connect to your network through a reliable mobile device management platform.

The challenge is to check that all data is valid, especially if an organization uses various data collection technologies and the scope of devices. If there is a lot of input applications and devices being used in an organization these are the main source for malware and hackers. Hackers may copy different login IDs and corrupt the system with any false data so, make sure that your big data solution must be efficient in identifying false data and prevent intrusion.

Prevent Insider Threats

One of the main reason for big data security challenges faced by business enterprises are by simply careless or dissatisfied employees and they are the ones who are responsible for countless internal security risks. This is very challenging in the business world where employees handling the data aren’t knowledgeable of the proper security behavior and practices.

To get a solution for this, educate your employees about passwords, risks of accessing data using public Wi-Fi, and logging off unused computers may help the organization in the long run and prevent any possible insider threats.

Monitor and Analyze

Another solution for big data security challenges is to provide tools for both monitoring and analysis in real-time to give alerts if a network violation happens. If your organization does not have the resources to analyze and monitor the feedback created like real threats and false alarms, the solution is to use big data analytics for improved network protection. And also, the security logs may be extracted for anomalous network connections, which can make it simpler for you to determine actual attacks in comparison to false threats.

It may be challenging to overcome so many different big data security issues. So with the help of the right encryption techniques and hiring of the right professionals to handle everything for the organization may help to avoid data loss or data breach. And just make sure to combine it with the right solutions to perform real-time monitoring.


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