IBM announces the Beta version of Cloud Code Engine


American Multinational Technology company, International Business Machines Corporation has made an exhilarating announcement recently. IBM is eminent for the hardware, middleware, and software. It also provides consulting services on the areas of Computers to nanotechnology. IBM unveils the beta version of IBM Cloud Code Engine, a new serverless compute service.

IBM Cloud Code Engine is an exhaustively managed serverless platform. It runs on the platform such as HTTP- driven applications and “run-to-completion” batch jobs. The interesting about this feature is that it will take care of running the container by itself even though you don’t have one. In simple terms Container in cloud computing refers to a standard unit of software that packages up code and its respective dependencies. It takes care that the application runs quickly and reliably on the various computing environments.

Code Engine is capable of running a container. It will use source-code and combine it with a supported runtime environment. Once it is combined successfully, it will create and generate the container.  To be more familiar with its mode of operation a guide is available in the IBM Cloud Designer Engineer Gitbook. Cloud Engine is not limited to container generation and running rather it is also capable of taking care of all cluster management. Few things to be listed include provisioning, configuring, scaling, and managing servers.

Knative, the Kubernetes-based platform which is primarily used to deploy and manage serverless workloads. The use cases and open source technologies to build this Code Engine includes Knative as well. IBM keenly emphasizes on the open-source layers and the platform profitability. It suggests that it will provide a simplified user experience at the same time allowing developers to either customize the Kubernetes data model or reuse the available deployment scripts on Code Engine accordingly.

Cloud Code engine is exhaustively integrated into the IBM cloud and its extended services. Another exciting thing about Cloud Engine, it automatically scales the containers up or down depending upon the load. It includes scaling to zero to ensure that the user has to pay only for the used resources. IBM helps users to know more about Code Engine with “About IBM Cloud Code Engine”. It comprises of main concepts, terminology, and names used on the platform. It also provides the first tutorial on how to build a visual recognition platform using Code Engine and Cloud CLI.


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