IBM bets Watson computing and analytics to grow their Indian business


The largest technology firm in the world, IBM (International Business Machines) is betting that Watson will grow significantly in India. Watson is the cognitive computing and analytics system of IBM, and it is stated to take off in the country is a big way. The company is also in the process of taking the process live with a couple of its clients in India. Basically, IBM is aiming to bring in transformational changes to the Indian business landscape with its Watson service.

The Chief Executive and Chairman of IBM, Virginia M Rometty pitched this cognitive computing system to the top customers in India, Vodafone India and Bharti Airtel. IBM is now conducting a pilot that runs this artificially intelligent system with a few of its customers in the country. The two clients that will go live with the Watson approach are from the banking and healthcare industries. The industries such as banking, education, telecom, retail, manufacturing and e-commerce have started using the service. The cognitive technologies are implemented by smart machines that mechanize the decision making process. The Watson modular service can be availed by subscribing in the cloud. It is adopted in India for analytics and in the social media as well.

IBM has invested almost $19 billion on the research and development process across the world for almost three years. There is a team of developers based in Bengaluru who are working on Watson. The company is focusing on identifying more application areas across industries to put Watson computing and analytics to use.


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