IBM into cognitive clouds using AI- IBM Watson


IBM one of the leading companies in cloud management is looking upfront and working forward to expand vastly its foot in the AI. It has also set out a product to its adventurous cloud journey which was announced in the think digital conference conducted by IBM. The product would be an AIOps product based on cognitive cloud technology. This product’s main motive is to help and serve the chief information officer with his/her business plans. IBM Watson is the product driving on AI, it spots out if there are any anomalies in the process in real-time and then corrects such anomalies if detected thus helping CIOs and making their plan flawless.

But there are certain limitations to IBM Watson as it needs data in order for it to differentiate if an anomaly is occurring and if it’s not, so for the complete productivity of the product it may take quite a while for it to attain the full training required by it and still, there would be some limitation pulling it back, i.e. IBM Watson wouldn’t still be able to adapt to newer problems on its own on a short time without data. But these limitations would be overcome by time and data feeding.

This is not the first time for IBM to enter business management as it’s the leading company in regards to cognitive cloud technology and management and they have been continuously trying to reach and cover more features. Recently Watson has reached a whole new perspective of using natural language for helping the businessmen and its users. Most of Watson’s intelligence is in the cloud database and its work is majorly done here in India.

Watson is not only for the enterprise management, IBM trying to integrate it into new products taking the technology into another huge step. Watson also learns from its environment making it so much better and IBM adding to its infrastructure some more data it will become a perfection. IBM is wanting to go beyond by getting into hybrid multi-cloud.

This the new IBM Watson with the required data would be the perfect assistant guiding the decisions and finding out anomalies and correcting them thus helping all the CIOs od a business administration.


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