Indian Railway use AI and Data Analytics to improve operational efficiency


India’s largest transporter Indian railway uses Artificial intelligence and big data analytics to improve operational efficiency. Mainly Indian railway uses Artificial intelligence and big data analytics in train day to day operations, ticket booking, systems maintenance, freight operations, and railways assets such as 121,407 track km, 34,319 route km of electrified track, 12,000 locomotives74,000 coaching stock,7,500 stations, etc. Indian railway is gigantic and wide that’s proved by its passenger and freight carrier figures, in 2018-2019 it is 1.2 billion tonnes of freight and 8.4 billion passengers. Indian railway is the world’s largest passenger carrier and fourth position in freight carrier.

With the use of big data and artificial intelligence, India’s national railway explores new opportunities and surely reach new heights. According to the official notification, Indian Railways uses Artificial intelligence and big data analytics use to analyze data after that use in their passenger reservation system(PRS). Sometimes this will help in the introduction of new trains and predictive asset maintenance.

Indian railway planned to change Present system follows by Indian railway in maintenance after the introduction of AI and big data analytics, Currently, they carried out maintenance in a periodic manner. For immediate maintenance, predictive asset maintenance will continuously monitor the conditions of the equipment and initiate the required alerts. This not only reduces maintenance costs also help to downturn costs related to assets maintenance.

The Indian Railway tied up with the Indian school of business(ISB), Hyderabad with a positive view to analyzing the data produced by Indias largest transporter. Not only for analyzing data also for Indian railway tasked ISB for designing of the introductory capacity building program and also for the construction of report on the industrial practices of artificial intelligence on rail transport. The Indian railway has a good concept, ie they planning to set up a center for excellence in the next three months.ISB offers large helping hands to develop a report on establishing a center of excellence and for the capacity building program.

In every Zonal railway, the railway has also decided to appoint a chief technology officer (CTO) and assigned the duty to keep track of emerging technologies in analytics and Artificial intelligence and apply them effectively in every rail system. The railway already trained around 100 officials in this AI and big data analytics, Because the Indian railway knows through this they will get a better return.


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