Integration of Asite Platform with Microsoft Power BI


Asite has recently announced that it has been integrating with Microsoft power BI the cloud-based business analytics services. This new integration will help Asite to aggregate, analyze, visualize, and share data on Asite with the help of Power BI reports. This will help users to make more data-driven informed decisions. Also, the user can customize power BI dashboards.

Strategic expansion push

This Asite integration with Microsoft Power BI is actually a strategic push that can help Asite partner ecosystem to get expended and can also improve Asite user experience. Microsoft Power Bi helps in offering collections of software services, apps, and connectors for working together for turning unrelated sources of data into coherent, interactive insight and visually immersive. This integration will help Asite users to gain an enhanced view of their project portfolio with the help of project reports.

Visualize and analyze data

Microsoft Power BI cloud-based analytics services help in providing a 360-degree view of the business and also helps in enabling fast and easy access to data, discovery, exploration, and collaboration across various organizations. Asite has been created in such a way that data connectors help to extract and also present Asite data in Power BI, also these reports can be linked with users’ unique Asite dashboard which helps in providing project visibility. For ensuring that users get more benefit from the integration Asite has also built a Power BI report template which is actually a premade report that can be redesigned and also personalized in any way to meet users’ needs.

The user can also choose from the report dashboards for getting insights on specific project information such as :

Common data environment

The dashboard helps the project teams by providing a project portfolio of the ongoing projects . also it provides information on the status of the project as well as deliverables, breaks down of planned or actual deliverables, etc.

Defects dashboard

This dashboard provides an overview of all the site task such as defects, snags, site-inspection, etc of the ongoing projects which helps the user to understand how site task in the project is trending.

Healthy and safety dashboard

The dashboard provides the project manager with the hazards and incidents about their business by presenting critical information by helping the managers make instant decisions.

Project financial dashboard

The dashboard helps in providing the project owners and contractors by giving a clear view about the project budget, estimated, and also actual cost across s portfolio of the project by helping the mangers to track the project financials of their project.


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