Intelligent Healthcare: The Impacts of Big Data in Decision Making

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Health is wealth, this is a very famous proverb. It is not a joke, without health, there is no means of making wealth. This is why the health care sector is given that much importance and respect as they play a significant role in our world. When all the nations faced the cruel wave of Covid19 pandemic it was the health care sector that played a pivotal role in saving a countless number of lives and still working hard for the advancement of medical science for finding a cure. 

Importance of Big Data in Health Care

Numerous amounts of data are to be considered here because every situation in the health care industry is unique. This is where the role of big data analysis comes into play. Researchers process numerous amounts of data to improve resource allocation and preventive measures.

The local researchers have found our way or method to generate policy recommendations to each situation which can help in decision making and provide guidance to various shops and schools to safely conduct business. Quick measures like social distancing, wearing masks, sanitizing hands were shared and had a huge impact on staying safe from the virus.

Researchers have likewise comprehended the information and made programming and portable applications which will show the status of emergency clinics and the location where the virus is contained. So, in a case of emergency people can refer to these applications and be aware in advance. Data researchers were successful enough to create an artificial intelligence algorithm to understand if certain individuals are susceptible to the virus based on geographical information.

The development of AI and machine learning has also helped in identifying young homeless who have fallen into substance abuse. They also have personalized programs in rehabilitation for these homeless. Cases of psychological, environmental, and behavioral factors have pushed people who are falling into substance abuse, these people are possible to have a criminal history or serious issues to their mental health.

The Predictive Analytics tools have helped numerous numbers of people in identifying their health issues at a starting stage so that they can be cured with proper medication and thereby decreasing the death rate. 

Impact of the Data Analysis

The data that is published by the community well-being index, The University of Virginia, And The researchers at SPH biostatics and epidemiology data analytic center are proof that these data that are processed with the help of big data has helped lives at the same time is effectively helping to stabilize The accidental death throughout nations.

Taking into all the advantages and promising results that big data provided it is fair to say that at times like these pushing through the Covid19 pandemic, The big data analytics tools will surely shine a ray of hope into a better future and provide day to day decision making helpful for the health care sector so that all the resources and manpower can be focused in finding a cure and saving lives.


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