Is Huawei’s Appgallery a New Gamechanger


Huawei- the Chinese tech giant and the world’s second-largest smartphone maker has launched a new rival to Apple’s Appstore and Google’s Playstore. The new application is named as Appgallery, will be the company’s new official app platform and will be the third-largest app marketplace in the world.

US-China trade war was a serious hit to Huawei because Huawei was banned by the US government and Google the tech major stopped providing Android services to Huawei phones, that is the reason behind the development of AppGallery. In order to compete with the Appstore and Play store, Huawei adopted a “glocal” strategy where there will be a combination of globalized collaboration with localized business operations. Huawei is aiming to provide the users with a charming experience with their new AppGallery.

Huawei is ensuring the user’s privacy and security by integrating safe and secure apps in its new platform. Stringent app screening will be done across the globe to ensure data privacy and security. In the coming years, the use of smart devices will increase rapidly, expecting that the Smart home market will grow by USD 151.4 billion by 2024. Huawei, therefore, developed a big network across the world to meet the requirements in the development of apps in future years.

Use of Augmented and Virtual reality apps, foldable phones, IoT and Stylus equipped tablets will increase in the near future and meeting these needs in future, Huawei collaborated with regional partnerships and other content partners. As of 2019, Huawei video globally acquired 140 million active users. The statistics indicate that the new approach by Huawei will be a threat to the US tech giants.

Huawei new DigiX Labs initiative to assist less downloaded, under-monetized apps. DigiX Labs initiative also deals with the development of innovative, quality app production and works closely with the developers in creating the best user experience from AppGallery.

Though the US-China trade war affected the operations, Huawei was able to hold its position in the world tech market. Huawei was able to beat Apple in smartphone production and also emerged as a telecom leader having 5G capability. The business operation of Huawei is expanding globally amidst the ban from the US. The new AppGallery from Huawei will establish itself as one of the top players in the app market place.


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