Is HyperIntelligence the Future of Data Analytics


Analysts can use an attribute from their data to use as a keyword attribute. Hyperintelligence allows analysts to create objects called cards.

Cards are visual representations of your data. In a card, you can use lists, matrix grids, ring charts, or text boxes to display your data. Use an attribute from your data to act as a keyword attribute, an attribute that identifies the factors that motivate the appearance of a card.

Once the workstation maps are created, analysts can distribute their maps to the web browser, mobile device, and Microsoft Outlook. With it, users can get real-time responses by hovering over keywords, scanning a barcode on a mobile device, or clicking an email to view relevant cards.

What are the HyperIntelligence cards?

Hyperintelligence aims to deliver click-free intelligence. Simply put, its goal is to provide important data statistics for specific keywords in all web applications. Hyperintelligence cards facilitate this task.

Hyperintelligence cards are objects that host data linked to keywords from MicroStrategy platform data sets and display predefined KPAs. These cards seamlessly integrate information from multiple sources and business applications.

How does it work?

This is the future of data analytics. With Hyper Intelligence, companies can add intelligence without clicking users, products, people on websites or web applications. Created by Microstrategy, a world leader in business analytics and mobility, it comes in the form of a Chrome extension that can display information from more than 200 business data sources and incorporate real-time contextual statistics directly into a browser-based workflow.

Once the extension is downloaded, HyperIntelligence scans web pages, email, messages, and web applications for keywords.

How to use the Chrome extension

It is very simple. Download the Extension froChrome Web Store. All you have to do is open the web store, select the Add extension option, and install. Once this is done, you need to connect it to the MicroStrategy environment.To connect to an environment through the extension:

  • Open the HyperIntelligence extension in the toolbar
  • Enter the URL of the environment
  • Click continue
  • And you are logged in to the environment.
  • Once you have logged in, the colour of the logo will turn from grey to red. After that, you can start creating cards.

How To Create Cards?

  • Open the Workstation window
  • Select Environments and then add new environment connection
  • Enter the environment with your username and password
  • Find the Navigation pane and click on Create New Card
  • Select a dataset to appear card editor.
  • Drag an attribute to change the card template title keyword attribute.
  • Continue dragging attributes from datasets to the card template.

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