Ivanti launches Ivanti Neurons for Security Improvisation and Asset speed Optimization


Ivanti automates IT and Security Operations to discover, manage, secure and service from cloud to the edge announces the release of Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence and Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence. These solutions build on the Ivanti Neurons hyper-automation platform, first announced in July 2020, which empowers an organization to autonomously self-heal and self-secure devices and self-service end-users.

The future of work where work from anywhere as well as on any device is the new norm. It comprises of actively managing the increasing risks, asset spends which is on top priority for every enterprise as said by Nayaki Nayyar (Executive Vice President and Cheif Product Officer, Ivanti).  Their latest addition in Ivanti Neurons Platform for Patch as well as Spend Intelligence leverages their strength in assessing patch reliability. Risk-based prioritization using Supervised as well as Unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithms for automated threat removal as well as managing software spend.

Ivanti Neurons empowers oneself mending self-sufficient edge with versatile security and a contextualized, customized insight for the present far off labour force. Clients of Ivanti Neurons are acknowledging more than 50% decreases in help call times, taking out copy work between IT activities and security groups, diminishing the number of weak gadgets by up to 50 per cent.

The new Ivanti neurons enable users to reduce their time to patch for their overall improved security posture. They also improved the asset deployment as well as reclamation process for IT operations and their security teams to work collaboratively and taking necessary actions on that. It includes several distinctive features such as:

  • Neurons for Patch Intelligence: it enables organizations to achieve fast SLA for their efforts in threat detention via supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms. Considering the Ivanti patch management expertise deploying over 1.2 billion patch updates a year. It also helps users in easily research, prioritizing and receiving better insights for their patch management process at one central location. It delivers highly accurate data which reduces time in responding to their threats.
  • Neurons for Spend Intelligence: it provides insights into the organisation’s software landscape as well as application spend for on-premises cloud as well as edge environment. To help as well as improving operational speed as well as asset visibility to improve utilisation and managing costs.

The two versions are available now as a part of Ivanti’s Neuron Hyper automation platform. It enables their activities in detecting, diagnosing and resolving issues to provide powerful data filtering to make better decisions, increasing visibility through additional IT and Non-IT devices and connector support.


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