Kmart Australia launches AR and AI-powered KBot


Kmart has launched an Australian-developed KBot platform that uses a combination of augmented reality (AR) technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to allow shoppers to view products in their own homes.

The AR technology which is developed by Valis permits the shoppers to view products in 3D in their own homes, and a conversational AI developed by utilizing Oracle Digital Assistant platform can help to answer queries, inclusive of product dimensions, product features and suggest related products by converting speech to text.

Luke Cameron, the founder of Valis stated that the AR is viewed as a gimmick, but this mentality causes brands to miss out on the opportunity to stimulate and engage their customers like never before.

Melissa Wong, Kmart head of digital, said, “The immersive AR and AI experience was designed to bring joy and inspiration to our customers lives, and with extra help from our AI chatbot personality – KBot assist – we have been able to make shopping easier for customers by sprinkling delight across the customer journey.”

The new tool is accessible via on AR-supported Apple or Android devices and operating systems. It was developed to meet the interest of the increasing customer in home improvement brought on by the coronavirus lockdowns. KBot solution is developed in just three weeks, by the integration with Kmart, Oracle and VALIS teams who completed the majority of work on the project remotely using online collaboration tools.

The KBot is a truly innovative experience, perfectly blending AI and AR to create an engagement with technology that is both fun and functional. When the product-based AR is done well and made simply accessible, can strengthen consumer trust and allow a memorable interaction with a brand and importantly deliver ROI.

Valis used AR Quick Look which eliminating the need for an app download and allows shoppers to view 3D products in their environment at the tap of a button. This generated product views with ambient lighting and smooth, accurate tracking with a streamlined UX to guide and support users.

Kmart head of digital Melissa Wong said that the business is continuing to invest in technologies as part of an accelerated commitment to making the business a great place to shop that is simple to run. Working with a brand like Kmart is a dream of many because they are progressive, open to experimentation and really prioritise the experience they are providing the customer.


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