KODA Pre-Releases World’s First Futuristic Social Robot Dog


KODA pre-launches the Artificial Intelligence (AI) robotic dog company committed to providing a better life for people with its robotic mate of its first model, the KODA. It is planned to be functional from a realistic and emotional outlook. KODA gave it ahead because it is a social robot. The KODA will be able to hear and understand the owner’s voice when a KODA cocks and runs over to be so close.

 KODA allows the robot dog to serve a variety of purposes with built-in decentralized AI infrastructure.

The learning power of KODA helps to solve some of the complex problems in science and makes future proof both its evolution and application. Emma Russell, CEO of KODA said, ‘’KODA is a fusion of design and discipline and a practical section of home automation, a family pet, and a piece of art all at once.”

KODA dogs are not like one would see in popular videos doing a typical walk in the park or dancing robots. They are a serious art of futuristic hardware indulged in a hybrid AI model of centralized and decentralized engines. KODA’S dog brain not only processes the challenges such as climbing stairs or walking gravel throughout the day but also the challenges of every robotic dog in the park. Every KODA is joined to an encrypted blockchain network permitting for an industry-first decentralized AI mind. This network is used to share data, learn skills, and process optimal solutions.

A conventional robot dog living in Phoenix may never come across any icy road. So the robot would not have the chance to teach itself to walk on ice correctly; it would essentially be a convict of its surroundings limited by its knowledge and the world around it. KODA can learn beyond the restrictions of geography because it is not a traditional robot. It is future-oriented. A KODA dog in Phoenix can track its pack members’ knowledge of other KODAs related to colder weather like Anchorage and Toronto. The KODA in Phoenix will learn to foot on ice without stepping before on ice. No matter the location or challenge, KODA dogs continuously learn through a fast-growing supercomputing network, they will be able to challenge and face it.


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