Launching of AI CoE in Gem and Jewellery Industry


Gem & Jewellery Skills Council of India (GJSCI) in collaboration with Persistent Systems & IIT-Bombay, has launched a Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Jewellery Artificial Intelligence & Data-science Excellence (J.A.D.E.).

The incorporation of AI and ML into the gem and jewelry industry will help with the challenges faced in the supply chain. This unique collaboration will open up new possibilities and opportunities for what this field holds. Through the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, this collaboration aims at improving the poor hit ratio of designs, minimize the rejections, improve the supply chain and logistics, and delivering high market returns.

India’s Gems and Jewellery industry contributes approximately 29% of the global jewelry consumption, which is 7% of India’s overall GDP. The usage of this new incorporation will help increase the contribution of this particular industry. Also, this massive transformation will help us see a growth in revenue and jobs. So with this collaborative effort, we can look forward to great job opportunities for the coming years. This is a great example that AI and ML are being used in almost all industry across the world starting from IT, to Food industries, it has not left any industry as such. We can look forward to a business world dominated by AI and ML.

Gems and Jewellery and IT are the country’s two largest industries, and with the collaboration and launch of Jewellery Artificial Intelligence & Data-science Excellence has witnessed the historical event. To begin with, the project will focus on the quality of gems and jewelry for the first six months.

There is a data center, in which a team has already started working on this project. They have begun the project by collecting information to support various Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning tools. This project was undertaken by the IITB to solve the problems faced by the gold jewelry manufacturer. With this new project the injury is expecting to have hustle free supply chain operations, more quality in the jewelry casting, reduction in the rework and increased efficiency, and finally optimization of manufacturing cost. 


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