Marketing tips for reopening of businesses after COVID-10: Integrating Technology


This year 2020 has been a very troublesome year for all. Companies, businessmen, marketers around the world are finding out/are in search for new innovative ways to once again kick start their businesses that have gone downhill during this pandemic.

Even as there have been many advancements in the COVID 19 case, jumping back to the once normal situation could be impossible as everyone around the world is working together in taking precautions to overcome this pandemic by maintaining social distance. So, to help a marketer to shine out bright there are a few steps to be followed;

Step 1:

Reopening plan

  • When to reopen- after the corona buzz subsides a little, it is important to plan properly when the reopening to be done.
  • Marketing and communications around reopening should be planned– thinking about questions like the working hours if they’ve changed or not, has product service and availability changed? If there would a limit on the number of people that would be on your location at a time etc. is a requirement.                                    
  • Knowing of customers before reopening- customers are the key element in marketing so keeping them in mind while reopening is essential.
  • Creating a checklist for the above- making a list of the things that need to be done and the questions that need to be answered could be an inspiration tool.

Step 2:

New normal reopening

  • Updating of online activities during this lockdown so many things have changed especially digital as everyone has moved more towards it than before therefore website and online platforms updating, regarding business and marketing is important.
  • Announcing reopening to customers– ensuring to let all customers out there know that you do care for their safety and that all precautions are been taken would be the motherboard of the marketing in the new era.
  • Checklist creation for the above

Step 3:

Hear out, change, and grow

  • Improving the experience of customers through customer feedback- asking customers about their experience and getting to know them better and doing the necessary, is the best way to in this competitive business world.
  • Maintaining good communications– maintaining a good relationship with the customers and changing and adapting according to their need.
  • Checklist creation for the above

So for all of us to get out of this current pandemic and to survive through harder times as such we need to be innovative and adaptable to change and hope for the best.


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