Megvii Supports Logistic as a New Growth Engine


Beijing based AI company Magvii, mostly known for its Automated Face Recognition Technology. Recently launched Hetu 2.0 an update of its robotic system. It had been used in more than 100 warehouses since the time it was launched in January 2019 as per the press release of the Company. It marked the expansion in China’s Logistics sector for the firm as it lies beyond the core business of the company.

The Hetu framework would now be able to work and send Megvii’s robots as well as the robots created by other organizations to different distribution centers. Megvii’s likewise disclosed information about seven new robots on Thursday, guided by QR codes, lasers, or cameras for the movement as well as the lifting of things in and outside distribution centers consequently. For example, MegBot F1600 robots can lift-up to 1600 kg weight whereas MegBot L2000 robots can ship things as much as 2000 kgs.

Notwithstanding Megvii, new businesses like Lenovo Capital-sponsored VisionNav and Shenzhen-based Standard Robots are likewise providing robots to organizations of various industries. For example, internet business and customary retail with comparable robots to diminish work costs and improve laborers’ effectiveness, for instance by cutting extended periods of strolling inside distribution centers. Megvii’s new items come when organizations in China are applying various degrees of robotization in their activities following the COVID-19 pandemic.

This new item arrangement likewise comes around one 18 months after Megvii completely obtained Beijing Ares Robot Technology Co Ltd in April 2018. The organization dispatched Hetu in January 2019 and declared an RMB 2 billion (USD 300 million) speculation intend to create gracefully chain frameworks through Hetu.

Megvii likewise co-started the Artificial Intelligence Logistics Industry Alliance on Thursday, with other establishing individuals including SoftBank-upheld Geek+, Shenzhen-based HAI Robotics, incorporated warehousing arrangement supplier Swisslog, and individual defensive hardware producer Honeywell.

Hence we can say that Artificial Intelligence plays a major role in every sector. Gradually it is expanding its wings across all sectors. Hence we can expect a wider scope as well as technical advancements in the coming years for the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning as well as Cloud Computing. These factors prove to be more beneficial for businesses in the modern era.


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