Microsoft Azure Synapse serves a path to enhance Data management with ML


The modernization of data access has changed data management platforms. Cloud-based services, likes Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, have expanded data access for many kinds of data users, creating refine solutions to better satisfy data needs.

So, Microsoft’s new Azure Synapse platform should prove convenient for professionals with on-demand analysis needs. Azure Synapse is a limitless analytics service that binds enterprise data into analytics and machine learning usually known as Azure SQL Data Warehouse, its abilities help to enhance data management across enterprise sources. So, Azure Synapse can explore and analyze data at a micro-scale also allows users to pick data from a database or from the cloud and handles workloads from various relational and non-relational databases.

Azure Synapse incorporates with BI and Azure Machine Learning, even though both these platforms are available individually, Synapse integrate with these services easily through the Synapse user interface and through Apache Spark and SQL users. Azure Synapse contains  Spark and SQL engines which makes it easier for SQL and Spark users to work on the same data.

New Features of Azure Synapse:

Azure Synapse signifies an analytics trend of data movement services within software or cloud solutions. Data movement is a kind of ETL (extract, transform, and load) that varies by data sources and type, but data movement is a programmed task that usually occurs among large data sets. When collecting data from different sources, not all queries gather rows and columns the same way. This result increases run time in rows and columns. Thus we need to move data to platforms like Azure Synapse.

Microsoft provides an easier way for analysts to work with data in Azure Synapse. The company announced wider access with a public promo of its Azure Synapse platform during a conference. One feature is a MERGE function which helps to inserts, deletes, and updates data in user tables according to the row and column conditions in a separate table. This function helps to save time and avoid duplicating efforts.

The next feature is column-level encryption, which helps users to set column-specific privacy keys and allow multiple users to have access to the same dataset table.

For these features to collaborates need experienced professionals with different querying knowledge and needs. These teams build a shared environment to assign unified workflow across a team.

Azure Synapse mainly focuses on marketers that work base on IT and analysis professionals. The increased demand for online retail and services has raised the need to fastly mesh data from different sources. This is a vital step in developing deeper analysis, such as a  customer lifetime value. Since business is conducted online, the pressure for analytic solutions to innovate their data management features will only increase in the future.

Therefore, Azure Synapse will prove a good solution for marketers and analysts to enhance advanced analysis options with data.


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