Microsoft Cloud Division Launched by Dicker Data


Dicker Data, an Australian ICT industry that handles hardware distributor, ASX listed, educates, stimulates, and permits reseller partners to realize their full capability through the conveyance of exceptional technology, logistics, and value-added services. To direct greater earnings from the Software Giant’s offerings, Dicker Data launched an exclusive Microsoft Cloud business unit.

Sarah Loiterton, who worked with Microsoft Dicker Data and Citrix sales team guides the new cloud business unit. The new segregation is outlined to build-up Microsoft brand name inside the distributors’ partner society through perceptibility to drive cooperation and alliance with other dealers where it makes significance, commented Loiterton to CRN.

Loiterton also commented, for an extension, Azure is the number one solution. For the partners and customer journey and the organization’s censorious and solid input center migration, security, and transformation are highly recommended. There are numerous Microsoft portfolio attributes and characteristics that partners are not taking into consideration or furnishing to customers, which serves as a key piece. Microsoft Cloud business unit launched has 29 committed workforces covering training, support roles, and sales.

To ally within Dicker’s seller partners the industry will also set into motion a partner-to-partner portal as a segment of the new Cloud business unit. Several associates were not taking into account various customer opportunities due to moderately high scientific barriers to entry for Microsoft solutions, commented Loiterton. The provider of Microsoft Cloud business commented they are approaching around $100 million in yearly revenue and transcribing 25% per annum growth in 2020.

Vlad Mithovetski, COO, Dicker Data, stated that secured commitment to the affluence of offerings, vendor relationships, and competency in cloud technologies authenticates Microsoft Cloud Business unit. The mission of Dicker Data is to furnish swift business value through an expert or professional cloud automation advisory and progressing partner administrative services.

Rachel Bondi, chief of Microsoft Local channel, commented in an announcement that Dicker Data is one of the most respected partners with an excellent recognition for the effort it tackles with the channel partner throughout Australia as they electronically transform, seize cloud computing, and initiates the operative foundations that permit them to enlarge and flourish. The Microsoft cloud unit program is set-up to produce a marketing solution that varies from fitness checks to experienced multi-channel statistical campaigns that helps to assist a partner.


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