Microsoft to Roll out AI-Based Noise Suppression


In these covid-19 days, millions of people work from home which was considered as a luxury but not anymore. One of the issues faced by the people while working from home is the noise in the background and at times they cannot control it. Microsoft is ready with a solution for this. The new AI-based noise suppression will be soon released in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is a group chat software for business communication that brings together everything a team needs. This includes threaded chats, meetings, video conferencing, content collaboration, and application integration. Microsoft Teams enables people to stay connected to colleagues while working remotely. The number of daily active users reached around 75 million in 2020 which is more than double when compared to 2019 data.

The new AI-based real-time noise suppression runs by analyzing the individual’s audio feed. Specially trained neural networks are used to filter out the noise and to retain the speech signal. With this, the real time noise suppression will automatically remove the background noise during video conferences. Also, users can control how much noise to be suppressed. Using the available settings like ‘high’ will enable the user to suppress more noise. This feature will most likely be available in November for the users of Windows 7, 8.1, and 10.

Realizing the importance of the app and its usefulness Microsoft added a number of new features to help its users collaborate, build solutions, and to stay connected through its video meet app the Microsoft Teams. By the end of 2020, several other features will also be launched that includes breakout rooms, customized layout, Microsoft search, streamlined view, etc.,

The custom layout enable presenters to customize how the content shows up for others, the breakout rooms will let the organizers or the host split participants into small groups for discussions or brainstorming sessions. Another interesting feature is the recap option with recording the meeting, shared files, and chat. Teams will also show the contacts, calling history, voice mail and makes it easier to return the calls in a click. The Microsoft Search will enable a new search experience.

And by the first half of 2021 personal well-being features are introduced such as virtual commute, emotional check-in experience and integration with apps like headspace will be available.


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