Mixpanel launches codeless Mobile App Analytics


The number of mobile applications has grown beyond imagination. There are even reports that retailers like Flipkart are moving totally to mobile app for customer engagement. However, many enterprises face the challenge of lack of skilled mobile programmers to launch applications. App development cost is also a factor which pulls many firms from this. It is also important for firms to monitor and manage their apps to stay relevant to their users, this is where mobile and web app analytics assumes significance.

Point and click mobile app analytics has been used by many firms. Here companies have to write code most of the times to do analytics. This is a tedious process. This problem has been surpassed by Mix panel which is an advanced app analytics platform for mobile & web. They have introduced Codeless Mobile App Analytics. With this, Mixpanel users can simply add the Mixpanel SDK to their app. Once installed, users can connect their app through a phone or emulator and Mixpanel provides a visual interface for selecting the events that needs to be tracked on the app. The events can be anything like someone uploading a picture, playing a video, or sharing a post. One of the biggest advantages Mixpanel about Codeless Mobile Analytics is that it eliminates the need to create a new updated-app when analytics configurations are changed.

Users have to basically configure events and properties when set up the app analytics on Mixpanel. An event refers to any actions taken on application or on website, where as the property relates to information that qualifies an event. Once events and properties are set, then a profile has to be created for a Mix panel which will help to tie up data to users.  A profile is where you can compile information about a specific user. If we are including contact information like email address, then we can send targeted email notifications right from Mixpanel. One challenge is the difficulty in adding details like profile and properties. However the key differentiator for Mixpanel over other tools like Google Analytics is its ability to track the actions done by users on mobile apps or web applications. We can also use Mixpanel and Google analytics at the same time. Mixpanel also offers people analytics, A/B testing, and notifications features.


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