Most Beneficial Cryptocurrencies in 2021


Bitcoin is one of the most striking subjects in the contemporary world. Certainly one of the finest investments. Many people have become prosperous by investing in cryptocurrency as people call it “crypto millionaires”. Though an ample number of people became rich, many were ill-fated. Many lost their life savings and even their kid’s tuition fees thinking that they could become millionaires. So here are the three faces of cryptocurrencies Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and ethereum. Here are their future predictions of why a person should buy them. 


Price: US$ 39,679.87

Even though bitcoin and ethereum dominate the crypto market dogecoin is a celebrity, the most prominent one. It all happened when Elon Musk tweeted about it. To be precise the price jumped by 22%. Just like that with a single tweet, a new star emerges in the crypto market. Dogecoin has a bright future ahead of it. It is predicted to reach $20 by the year 2030. It is one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest and it shall definitely make one rich.


Price: US$2,989.20

Ethereum is said to be the next bitcoin which it shall definitely be. Even though it was launched in 2015 it is growing swiftly. Right now 1 ether is worth over 2,455 USD. It is predicted that it will hit the 10,000 USD mark before the year 2030. So now is the best time to invest in ethereum.


Price: US$ 0.4117

Bitcoin dominates the crypto market. It has a market cap of over 700 Billion USD. It is growing faster than ever even though it is said that bitcoin is not environmentally friendly. It is said stated that a single bitcoin transaction uses the exact same amount of energy used by a normal household in a month. Bitcoin is predicted to reach 100 thousand USD by the end of 2030. As people say it is never late to buy Bitcoin.

But what one must always be careful when investing in cryptocurrency is that the market is always fluctuating. Market sentiment could cause a sudden and sharp turnaround in price.

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