New Market Insights Solutions from Zeta Global


Zeta Global announced their new market analysis product that can help companies across the globe acquire and manage data in new and interesting ways. The Company is one of the first to take advantage of COVID-19 disruptions and more products will follow suit. The newly launched Opportunity Explorer (SM) is a one-stop-shop for marketers for all their data needs.

Opportunity Explorer (SM) analyses customer data and market insights in real-time. It is designed to help marketing personnel identify, segment, and grow opportunities for their businesses. Opportunity Explorer (SM) takes inputs of demographic, behavioral, and location signals from Zeta’s own copyrighted data set of 2.4 billion individual identities and synthesizes the information in real-time to create a customizable and interactive display of actions and insights.

Consumers all over the world now prefer a digital approach, the brick and mortar setups are dying and brands all across the world have to access to more data than ever before, companies that sit on this data is not going to succeed as it is the heart of competitive advantage in the coming years. The vast amounts of data must be analyzed to provide accurate insights and optimal responses, this is where Opportunity Explorer comes in. It provides marketers with two easily modifiable view sets, Market Insight and Consumer Insights.

Market Insights focuses on Industry data and tries to predict trends and consumption patterns across a company’s entire product line. This includes real-time data analytics from Zeta’s trademarked data sets. Consumer Insights help pinpoints a better time and forms for advertising expenses that increase overall engagement with the use of the programs built-in insight to create a personalized interface for each marketer.

Zeta was recently recognized as a Leader in the Forrester Wave™ Email Marketing Service Providers, Q2 2020. The company has emphasized focus on innovation and scaling capabilities of its marketing platform over the past year, this includes increasing the quality and quantity of their copyrighted data set with over 2.4 billion unique identities. The data set seems to be the key selling point of the entire service. The company is extremely profitable now and had a revenue of over $400 million USD over the past year. They have been eyeing an IPO and are more than likely to go public in the coming months.


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