Nvidia launches Jetson Nano 2GB kit for AI developers


One of the well-recognized GPU designer Nvidia Corporation has come up with a new initiative. The multinational technological company Nvidia is working on a line of a new development kit for Artificial Intelligence developers. The company has released a new cost-effective Jetson Nano 2GB Development kit to ease the job for AI developers.

Nvidia has already launched an earlier version of this kit named “Jetson Nano 4GB Development kit”. It was unveiled in the year 2019 but this year in 2020 they have worked on the improved version of the development kit and launched a downsized version of the 2GB development kit. The kit was designed in such a way to help AI developers to a greater extend. It can help developers especially in machine learning and AI solutions. The 2GB kit is priced at $59 US dollars and kept at a competitive with Raspberry Pi 4. It was already competing with Raspberry during its 4GB development kit release. The kit is expected to reach out to customers soon and one can start pre-ordering from the end of October 2020.

There always exists a competition between Nvidia and Raspberry in terms of the development kit. Jetson Nano 4GB kit exceeds Raspberry pi 4 in terms of excellent performance and operations. The ARM CPU and memory allocation in Jetson 4GB is much better and excellent compared to the latter. Nvidia has a massive advantage over Raspberry because of the GPU that helps to run Machine learning and AI workloads. Most of the operations and performance perspective, Jetson beats Raspberry expect in the pricing factor. To overcome this and also to provide an improvised version of the development kit, Nvidia has come up with the release of a 2GB development kit.

Intriguing features about the novel Jetson Nano 2GB development kit comprises of a list of elements such as 128 core Maxwell GPU, a single board computer of credit card-sized, and a quad-core ARM CPU. Another exciting thing about this kit is that it provides online training and certification for those who are really interested in AI programming. It is applicable to both students and developers. All these aforementioned features are available at $59 US dollars. Generally, deep learning applications will run on CPUs subjected to the personal computer or Cloud-based system. While looking at Jetson devices it will actually create a coherent environment to assist AI applications to run on GPU

The novel Jetson 2GB kit comes with a 64-bit quad-core and a 128 CUDA core Maxwell GPU. It is effective and faster than Raspberry Pi 4. 


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