Nvidia to rolls out CloudXR streaming service in early 2021


American Multinational Company Nvidia is known for its humongous services and bringing innovation with technologies. It has recently announced a new feature known as the CloudXR streaming service. This feature is expected to roll out in Amazon Web Services in early 2021. It is the collaboration of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Nvidia earlier launches an SDK to give privilege to enterprises to deploy the CloudXR services on their individual servers. Now It is focusing on enhancing the services by providing ready-made CloudXR solutions to Amazon Web services. This in turn facilitates companies to spin up their own XR streaming solution. Initial developments are focused on visualization and collaboration and expected to enhancements are made to the next level that is planning for XR streaming in the future.

Nvidia is planning to launch Cloud XR streaming in Amazon Web Services (AWS) the world’s most comprehensive and widely adopted cloud platform. AWS offers a wide range of services and cloud-based products globally which includes Databases, Analytics, Mobile, Developer tools, Networking, Security, Storage, IoT, Enterprise application. The upcoming feature CloudXR will allow enterprises to stream Augmented and Virtual Reality contents via tethering and standalone VR headsets. An interesting thing about CloudXR is that it can stream any Virtual Reality content on Windows or Android systems. There are no special requirements needed for this feature.

This feature benefits companies in quite a resourceful way. Companies do not require VR-powered PC or systems to stream their VR and AR content to their employees. Instead, they can stream high-quality VR/AR content via VR headsets. CloudXR is designed to run VR content effectively on low-powered systems, laptops, and standalone VR headsets from Oculus Quest and Vive Focus.

As we know that these enterprise XR applications are serving as an initial use case. To enhance customer experience this new initiative will bring them a step closer to a customer cloud-streaming XR service. This pays a way for the companies to construct their platform on top of CloudXR on AWS. The concept of streaming XR content has been in talks over years. Nvidia’s CloudXR streaming service is expected to provide the best solutions in collaboration with Virtual and Augmented reality while deploying in Amazon Web services.


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