NXP aids data scientists in machine learning models


Currently, almost all corporates are relying on machine learning algorithms in their decision-making process. They are heavily spending on technologies to let the algorithms do their work and avoid inaccuracies. The head of technology and business strategy for NXP, the US semiconductor manufacturer testified about how a chip giant can help data scientists to build the explainable AI.

Explainable artificial intelligence is nothing but a set of tools and frameworks to set out interpretable and inclusive machine learning models. NXP wants to improve the machine learning models so that they can show their work. The data scientists feed a lot of data into the computer machines while developing a machine learning model. For instance, in image recognition to see COVID-19 in lungs the data scientists comment on the data and input related images into the computer. With the data and images received the computers put forward suggestions, the data scientists then derive accurate results potentially in COVID-19 positive diagnosis.

But the data scientists were perplexed about how the computer machines draw conclusions about the images it views. The notable fact is that with machine learning algorithms the computer machines do not reach a perfect conclusion but it is deemed as a probability. A higher percentage implies more accuracy and confidence level of computer machines. The machines with higher probability percentages have also proved it wrong and led to errors, these errors can further lead to misclassifications.

To stop the misclassifications NXP researchers instil the machine learning models on how to communicate the data scientists that it just discovered something new and a definite conclusion is drawn with the advantage of an educated guess.

NXP researchers and experts are striving to help machine learning models to do a better job of taking data in the real world. Even though it is complicated, on the brighter side displays more accurate solutions. The global pandemic COVID-19 has provided a platform for AI technologies and machine learning algorithms to exhibit their potential.

These models can positively help the data scientists in COVID-19 diagnosis by letting them know the new possibilities that were not encountered before and continue to help in making future predictions.

NXP attempts in making efforts to develop machines that are smarter and explicable to those who are relying on results.


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