Oracle Analytics for Fusion HCM: Making HR function simpler


Making the work of HR more bright and fruitful.

Now is the time more than any other time in history where we need to draw valuable insights from data to make real good accurate decisions and for boosting of the performance of companies. As of now, the entire world market is moving towards a digitized era where data-driven work would be a must and the best. To make this happen in an effective manner Oracle decided to launch the Oracle Analytics for Fusion HCM. This helps the company’s HR department which has become the most important strategic business partner for all companies. With Oracle Analytics for Fusion HCM, all the out of box HR analytics would gain real good insights and knowledge and intelligence. Making them to understand better and to make accurate flawless decisions and to maintain a closer relationship between HR and the other units of business in an organization such as finance, and also to maintain their business growth at uncertain times.

The pre-built features of Oracle Analytics are;

  • Cross-functional data model: All the data is stored up in the oracle autonomous data warehouse.
  • KPI and dashboard library: This includes the retention counts, workforce composition, turnover.

Pre-built key performance indicator includes the hiring count, the promotion count, demographics of the workforce of the company, the span of control, retention count of employees in a company, voluntary and involuntary turnover, compensation techniques and ratios, performance testing ratios.

  • Advanced analytics: This would save up time and trouble for all HR personals from making errors.

They include areas such as; retention of top talent, the effectiveness of a team, the span of control, diversity.

  • Business fit extensibility: This would enable the users of oracle analytics to augment HCM cloud data with any other oracle application or even non-oracle applications or any other data source available externally.

In today’s scenario with all the quarantining and lockdown due to this pandemic COVID-19, all the markets have become or becoming data-driven to thrive and succeed making data, analytics, and AI essential and important for the new world. And by giving HR the power to have the data of their organizations for generating more important and useful workforce insights to drive through the competitions laid forth by the markets of the world, would stand as the primary motives of the Oracle Analytics for Fusion HCM.


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