Palo Alto upgrades to SD-WAN accompanied by Machine Learning and Analytics


Palo Alto Networks, American multinational cybersecurity company. Its core key products are a program that includes advanced firewalls and cloud-based technology that offer strong security. Their mission is to offer a choice of cybersecurity to protect the digital world and help the world to solve the greatest security challenges with the help of advanced Artificial Intelligence, analytics. Their ongoing vision is to make the world each day safer and make more secure than one before.

With growing intelligence and analytics, Palo Alto Networks recently gained the SD-WAN package(Software-defined Wide Area Network) that allows the company to combine any broad brand internet services which can offer more security to user applications than before. The company promised that it can integrate and enhance the cloud-based security platform of Prisma with the entry of SD-WAN.

Prisma covers advanced threat protection, user behavior monitoring, and other services that protect a firm’s application and resources. Now SD-Wan is integrated with Prisma so that the customer can secure connections within the firm or to other application which are hosted in public or private cloud platforms.

On the Machine Learning side, the system can now add indicators and automatically detect the basic root-cause problems and find a solution to solve the problems. The new finding support customers to know what type of WAN connections they are using, the time they are using, and which all applications are using the WAN connection at a time.

The key idea behind SD-WAN is it will reduce the problem resolution time and increase the application up-time and help the customers to connect to cloud-based servers. Along with ML and AI gives the opportunity to the CloudGenix and Palo Alto intelligent cloud-based engine. And the reason behind that it always learns from a customer point of view and responds to problems to help improve operations, eliminates day-to-day IT errors, and promote staff to a high level of the job.

In addition to software enhancement, SD-WAN is also implemented for various other applications which include the high-end CloudGenix ION 9000 which offers twice the performance of the current flagship device ION 7000 and also helps to ensure the availability of networks over a large location. The re-architect done on ION 1000 telework environment brings support to the number of remote workers, the ION 1000 enhance controls for home-office performance, availability, and security to customers who are working from home and to those working in small branches.

Palo Alto with SD-WAN along with Machine learning and analytics is going to take the world to a new area of cybersecurity protection as many activities across cloud networks and mobile devices.


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