Productivity increases with Wipro-SAP collaboration


Wipro has entered into an accord with SAP, an enterprise application software provider. This will offer advanced customer-centric content, training assets, and boost productivity. 

The new SAP Enable Now will assist companies to familiarize themselves faster with technological changes and to hasten globalization. SAP Enable Now is a platform that supports collaborative content authoring, management, and sharing that enables self-directed learning as well as instructor-led training. In addition to all this, it also provides online performance support for non-SAP and SAP systems.

Wipro, since 2007 has been SAP’s strategic service provider. Wipro is an India-based multinational organization that provides services such as information technology, consulting, and engineering. Wipro has always focused on providing customer-centric products and enhance productivity. Being a global IT service provider, it is essential to be efficient and productive. 

The present situation demands companies to facilitate their workforce to adjust to the new normal that include technologies and working models. And SAP Enable Now is believed to be the right tool for it.

In addition to present contextual help and guided tours offered by SAP, Wipro can now deliver its clients’ tailor-made solutions along with a specific line of business learning tutorials as well as training assets. This collaboration offers customers a unique learning experience.

From the amalgamation, SAP S/4HANA & SAP Cloud application users expect more than just embedded standard content. Features such as in-app learning and single-source editing of SAP Enable Now will allow customers to improve the learning experience and end-user productivity. SAP Enable Now can work with non-SAP applications and can be integrated with tools of IT services management. 

SAP facilitates effective information flow across organizations along with data processing and is one of the world’s top-class producer of software for the administration and supervision of the business processes as well as to develop solutions.

In this COVID-19 scenario, the industries and technologies are changing at a fast pace that requires the workforce to be adaptable. This collaboration of SAP and Wipro will help organizations to create and set up innovative tutorials along with various training assets to accelerate the performance and enhance the efficiency of the workforce.


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