RiskLens Reveals New Cyber Risk Solution To Upgrade Cybersecurity Investment And Budget Decisions


RiskLens is the leading provider of quantitative cyber risk management solutions established on cyber risk quantification, announces a new ability provided through the RiskLens SaaS platform: RiskLens Risk Treatment Analysis. The ground-breaking Risk Treatment Analysis ability notify and guides cybersecurity investment and budget decisions to meet the demand for a quick and thorough assessment of risk treatment options.

As CISOs and CIOs fight with demands to lower budgets in the present economic environment while reshaping security infrastructure to acquire the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing,  and other digital transformation projects were they want the tools to examine and traverse the most challenging security decisions and trade-offs of our times.

The new RiskLens Risk Treatment Analysis capability allows cybersecurity teams to evaluate and compare risk treatment options and guide timely cost-benefit analyses to enhance both spending and risk exposure.

RiskLens solutions and capabilities authorize cybersecurity and risk management leaders to arrange and manage the cybersecurity investment decisions and risks that accompany digital growth and transformation.

The RiskLens platform with the new Risk Treatment Analysis capability, security and risk managers can:

  •  Rapidly assess and collate the effects in financial terms that decisions on security investments, controls or other treatment options will have on risk exposure and cybersecurity budgets.
  • Improve, and when necessary, responsibly minimize cybersecurity budgets by rectifying which options give the largest cost reductions while minimizing the impact to risk exposure.
  • Defensibly show the case to business management for new or rebalanced security investment to secure and help digital initiatives.

RiskLens generated a simplified and purpose-built user experience with flexible reporting in designing the Risk Treatment Analysis capability. The output from analysis is based on FAIR which summarizes results in easy-to-digest financial analytics and charts that are dynamic for present metrics, risk tolerance, and other variables. The net result is to promote the typical, non-quantified cyber risk assessment, technically focused,  and convert it into a valuable business case that risk teams can confidently present to business leaders.

Julian Meyrick, Vice President, IBM Security stated that RiskLens Risk Treatment Analysis will become an integral part of the cybersecurity decision-making process for the clients by providing clear and actionable advice on the risk implications of both new and ongoing security investments


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