Robotic Judges likely to arrive by 2070


Technological applications are trying to ease human life and we can experience those benefits in many ways. Different types of research have been focused on Robots for more than a decade. Robots have replaced human beings in many fields. In similar lines, now a prediction is revolving around the Judiciary where human judges are likely to be replaced by Robots.

According to the leading experts of “Hack the Future Lab” a London-based policy Institute, Robots will outsmart human Judges with its intelligence. It is expected that Robots will completely become irreplaceable in their necessity in the next 50 years. The Artificial intelligence writer and speaker Mr. Terence Mauri have stated that the Robots can easily detect guilt and will enhance the judicial process in an effective manner. The robots will be powered to speak all languages of the globe and well equipped to study the vita signs of humans. It will easily detect the psychological and physical signs related to fraudulent, dishonesty, and cheat with mind-blowing accuracy rate accounts to 99.9%

In addition to emotional signs prediction, Robots will also capture significant judging parameters and elements. Inbuilt cameras will capture the gestures of hands and eye movements, alteration in a person’s body temperature, and also analyze the speech patterns of an individual. England and Wales are expecting to involve Robots in criminal and civil hearings by the year 2070.

The innovation of Robotic judges will actually speed up the judgment process. No more multiple hearings or postponing the cases or dragging the same case for years. All these limitations in the current Judiciary will be outplayed by Robot Judges. We have seen unprecedented applications of the digital world and technologies now it’s time to take a step ahead of it. We are going to experience Digital Justice in the near future. Artificial Intelligence is going to establish a fair and error-free judgment.

Human biased errors will be completed eliminated by AI-powered Robots. The ultimate aim is to speed up the judicial process and tries to solve as many cases as possible with a higher accuracy rate. “Delayed justice is indeed an Injustice”. Robot Judges will try to overcome the human limitations and will outperform in providing the right justice at the right time.


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