Role of iOS 9 Content Blockers in Hampering Analytics


With the onset of the technological denouement, the companies are into becoming more detrimental than never before. The trendsetter companies like apple has come with its new operating system iOS9 with many features to improve customer experience. Safari content blocking extension recognizes ads and protects them from loading. This is not done automatically. Instead, they analyse the resources as well as elements on a particular web page and cover those resources and elements being loaded. Now safari is coming after as a part of ioS9. The resources and elements getting hold up will be made use to handle ads for most of the time. They will be things like social networking buttons, article comments, and navigation headers for rest of the time. For proper working, Content blocking extension needs Safari or an app which is using the latest Safari View controller in iOS 9 along with 64 bit processors. So this implies that content blocking extension is adaptable with iOS devices which have got a 64-bit Apple A7 processor. Previously, content blockers were utilities that safari examine at load time. It results in reduced performance regarding the page which is being visited that could be measured with those services or utilities doing the blocking. The main difference that we can quote between content blockers and content cleaners like safari Reader is that in Reader, the content is being loaded primarily which includes various ads, scripts and then it is restored for maximum simplicity. But with iOS 9 content blockers, the content will not get loaded again.

Globally, Market share of safari is getting down. But in US, its share is increasing compared to other browses like chrome. While having a close introspection on the blocking of analytics within the mobile app it has been a help to the marketers to be aware of their new marketing tools and also it became popular with the customers due to its distinct feature. This was done for the many browsers and homepage like Ghostery, Buzzfeed, refinery and report that pulled about 21 to 59 trackers. Ad blocking is playing a significant role on desktop browsers and there has been a considerable increase in the popularity of Ad blocking. So we can say that besides advertising, enlarged acceptance of content blockers has got a wider involvement on those data which is been provided by the marketing tools.


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