Sabre to bolster personalized travel by AI


The travel technology company Sabre Corporation and the American Multinational Technological company Google joins hands to develop a new technology platform. Sabre is pivoting its focus on improvising personalized travels. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, it is trying to develop a new technology platform that takes care of personalized services.

Sabre along with Google has designed the technology “Sabre Travel AI” which primarily focuses on fulfilling customer satisfaction. The new technology is powered by Google’s AI and sophisticated machine learning technologies. They help customers predominately in three key aspects. AI technology delivers personalized content quickly secondly it delivers content more appropriate towards today’s travel trends and thirdly generates opportunities for revenue and margin growth.

The tool is designed to help retailers enhance their retailing and also to take care of digital customer experience. It also tailors the personalized needs of the travelers which in turn builds strong traveler loyalty. The AI-powered technology enables Airlines, Corporations, Hoteliers, Travel agencies, and other travel-related partners to identify the needs of the customers and tweak their retailing process accordingly. The cloud AI solutions and automated machine learning tools by Google helps in sensing and analyzing customer behavior. Further, it assists in predicting the shopping behavior of the customers based on real-time data on travel and shopping.

The Sabre Travel AI is planning to be launch by early 2021 by integrating the technology into its products such as Sabre Retail, distribution, and fulfilment. In the future, Sabre customers will be allowed to integrate their own solutions with the new AI technology. The Sabre AI will allow technology tools to store, augment, test data with the customer’s database. As a result, it is able to develop a machine learning model and deploy the same in a suitable environment. Concerned about data privacy, even though it saves data in Google Cloud the sole authority lies only with Sabre. Customer’s data cannot be accessed by Google for any of its applications.

Sabre travel AI will pivot the travel business and helps the travel partners to focus their operations towards customer orientation. It helps them to learn more about the customer’s preferences and helps to scale up their operations accordingly. The company is looking forward to achieve personalized retailing by 2025


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