Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics merges with Tableau Software to Enhance the Analytics Platform


Tableau Software is a data visualization tool that offers data exploration, visualization making it easy for customers to get insights from data in a quick, convenient, and efficient manner. Tableau covers a huge set of use cases also. With the recent announcement, it will integrate with Einstein Analytics, which will enhance Tableau to facilitate broad and deep analytics for its customers.

After the inclusion, Einstein Analytics will be renamed as Tableau CRM, that will continue to aid in providing AI experience and high quality analytics in Salesforce CRM workflow. Einstein Analytics has been known for AI-powered and actionable analytics customized for Salesforce. It assists individuals to work more efficiently, predict the outcomes better and receive recommendations on time to improve.

With time, Tableau will combine with the data store of Einstein Analytics to leverage native Salesforce security and performance optimization integration. Not only this, data preparation capabilities will write and read to both Tableau and Einstein Analytics to facilitate clean and credible data for everyone to analyze and process.

The dashboard creation will be streamlined for easier access to everyone with availing content portability between Tableau and Einstein Analytics.

In the first stage of Inclusion, Einstein Discovery will be integrated in Tableau.  Einstein Discovery is designed to aid organizations democratise data science with AI-powered analytics. These analytics will facilitate the businesses to discover apt patterns based on data without any need of building sophisticated models or hiring of data scientists. recommendations capabilities and Real-time predictive modelling will be available in Tableau.

In the next stage of inclusion, Tableau will continue to innovate and unify while taking leverage and construct upon the capabilities of Tableau and Einstein analytics.

According to Francois Ajenstat, CPO of Tableau, Tableau aims to make analytics accessible and easier to more businesses and people. Integrating with powerful prediction platforms like Einstein Analytics increases the range of augmented analysis and create more value from data. It certainly is a step towards facilitating analytics to customers from any time, anywhere, and with any data.

 According to Adam Selipsky, CEO and President of Tableau, with the onset of pandemic in 2020, it hastens the businesses to adapt complete digitalization, work from anywhere and empower others to make better decision in shorter time. With the inclusion of Einstein Analytics with Tableau team, we will be able to take advantage of the power of the Salesforce ecosystem, accelerating our innovation and moving towards our mission of making everyone to see and understand data.


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