Samsung to unveil a low cost fitness tracker along with Galaxy Watch 3


Samsung is launching itself in the fitness area during this pandemic. The main focus of customers who are trying to improve their health and sketching out workout plans, Samsung is launching budget products that can fit into the schedule of any individuals pursuing to buy fitness products. Samsung Galaxy Fit provides a range of products for cheap prices, that may not be desirable as the price may seem, but can fit into a popular niche market of workout freaks.

Samsung’s initiative to launch the latest Galaxy watch 3 and Galaxy buds 2 sometime in July. Along with these two products, Samsung is planning to unveil its cheap fitness tracker. The launch of fitness products is before Samsung Galaxy 20 and Galaxy Fold 2. This is going to exciting as Samsung is making its efforts to submerge itself into a new product line which will be focusing on health and fitness.

Samsung Galaxy Fit provides watches that may not GPS tracker at this point but have many other features that can be useful for tracking our fitness progress such as auto-activity tracking and modes for a bunch of different exercises along with the smartwatch notification feature.

Samsung has brought a series of various products over the years and this is just as equal to an initiative. Famous for its phone range, Samsung’s plan to create a new range of products in fitness can grab those segments of the market that could be a prospective customer.

Here, we’re looking at the pricier version. The Samsung Galaxy Fit costs $99 /£89 (around AU$145). At this point, the competition seems to be tight with Fitbit Inspire HR and Huwaei Band 3 Pro, which are just as relevant in the market.

While other brands are launching their products in the same product line, they are improving from the mistakes made by Samsung, which is the GPS tracker. It is a major drawback that the company needs to consider in the future to add this additional feature that can convince and attract customers in the future.

Now, all we do is wait for Samsung to unveil the surprise.


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