SAVORTEX launches IoT enabled Smart Hand Sanitizer


UK-based software firm SAVORTEX has released a “revolutionary” smart hand sanitizer promising an additional hygienic shield against possible coronavirus transmission.

Apart from dispensing a small and reasonable amount of sanitizer, it can also give warnings, when the level of sanitizer is falling short and users face any issues about the usage protocol. This offers real-time data for managers, and also provides data about the usage amount and keeps a track of the cleaning habits. This also helps to ensure the hygiene level of the occupants in the building.

The hand sanitizer, which is connected to the internet with a phone network, warns facilities management of possible health hazards when users or staff are unable to clean their hands. It, therefore, comes with a video screen that enables building managers to keep track of the hygiene-focused notifications. This shows a constant evolution in the era of IoT, where organisations are making efforts to ensure safety of the people and regulate hygiene through the use of IoT.

According to SAVORTEX Chief Executive Officer Syed Ahmed, the need for hand sanitizers that can be used safely and efficiently has risen with the coronavirus pandemic. This is especially important when people return to work at a period when there is a chance of a second coronavirus outbreak.
GSK, Shell, and Gatwick Airport, SAVORTEX have previously used the hand sanitizer services by SAVORTEX, and now, in collaboration with Arm, created its smart hand sanitizer. This is supported by the networking technology used by the app. The Vice President and General Manager, Vincent Korstanje, also claimed that the product is a game-changer.
The SAVORTEX hand sanitizer seems to be the first launched ‘smart’ hand sanitizer that would be available for purchase in the market.

The company claims its product to be unique as it has data monitoring and liquid warnings facilities active on it. SAVORTEX believes that the IoT functionality of the system drastically decreases contamination concerns, increases health & safety, eliminates the risk of cross-contamination, and reduce the manual functioning. It also reduces maintenance requirements which were essential for conventional sanitizers.

The fact which fascinates more about the smart hand sanitizer is that, as with many other technological solutions to the coronavirus pandemic, it encourages and facilitates mass surveillance. It facilitates the surveillance of the users and their usage habit but it also focuses on the fact that the users need to be self-aware about the procedure of use as the device can only facilitate monitoring but not the usage habit of the users.


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