Semcon’s India Captive Acquired by ASM Technologies


The product R&D and engineering major ASM Technologies has purchased Semcon’s India offshore delivery center. ASM would enjoy a shared talent pool with field proficiency in diverse areas across the industry, with the acquisition said the corporate during a handout.

ASM and Semcon have also agreed on a universal Cooperation contract to deliver the Sweden-headquartered Semcon with constant access to India’s unrivaled scale and a potential base for engineering services. Both businesses will collaborate to scale up by mutual access to a combined talent pool and powerful capabilities in key areas like product design and R&D, embedded and electronics, value, digital, and manufacturing engineering. 

ASM will deliver services to the Scandinavian market leveraging Semcon’s customer-facing team as a part of the agreement. ASM, in particular, will put up both scale and competence that is relevant to the automotive industry as it transitions to new thrust systems and ever-increasing levels of driver assistance and self-sufficiency. The acquirement additionally strengthens ASM’s plans for its customers while enhancing its market with extra scale and growth. The global agreement may be a win-win deal as both the businesses complement one another well in terms of respective capabilities as well as market leaders. ASM wanted to join forces with Semcon to pick up the pace of innovation at scale for clients in existing as well as new markets.

One of India’s most trustworthy names in the ground of technological services, providing first-class solutions for engineering and product development, is ASM Technologies. ASM is a publicly-listed company in India with a global presence that has been delivering solutions to semiconductor, hi-tech, automotive, and medical industries. While, Semcon works with an outsized number of clients within the automotive industry, energy, and even the bioscience sectors. Semcon is an international technology solution company with more than 2,200 recruits in eight different countries. They help their customers in renovating technology into excellent user experiences by bringing together premium physical as well as digital solutions.

 In the future, we may live in a society packed with both physical as well as the digital world that is becoming more and more tangled. To generate extra values and benefits for those using technology, one should best navigate and combine them well. This way, they may expand their client base.


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