Significance of AI in society: “AI for Good”


Artificial intelligence has a crucial role in the changing environment, the public is ready to adapt to advanced technology. The involvement of artificial intelligence increases in daily life.

In the covid-19 pandemic, the relevance of technology improves; the government and private organizations utilize the facilities of AI.  The sectors are forced to adapt to technology for survival. The pandemic creates a barrier in human to human interaction, so the organization promotes human to machine interaction for the achievement of organizational goal. The government and the organizations are trying to overcome the covid-19 crisis by transforming from the conventional method to technological facilities.

Artificial intelligence can contribute to a different area in the globe for the betterment of human living standards. Now the researcher is analyzing the possibilities of AI to overcome global issues such as poverty, crime, hunger, and climate change under the “Artificial Intelligence for good” umbrella.

The AI facilities are utilized for a different objective, but in ultimate, the technology is for the betterment of society. As per the UN convention, poverty, hunger, climate changes are the most vulnerable issues. So the developers and investors are stepping forward to overcome these issues by utilizing the facilities of artificial intelligence.

The program developers have introduced a project name “AI for Good” focused on the basic requirement of people who suffering from hunger. As we know this is not a simpler task, 8.9% of the people suffering due to hunger in the world. The AI features are used to identify the people who suffer and distribute food from a different region. The coordination is not an easier task. So the AI facilities utilize to full fill the task. Climate change is an issue, it affects the entire world.

Due to global warming, the polar ice is melting and it causing floods. Climate change is due to a combination of different processes such as the population of vehicles, factory emission, deforestation, emission of ozone gasses, etc. By utilizing the facilities of AI help the identify the major cause and also can help to find out a solution for the longer-term. Till the time is exceeded, so the better solution necessary to overcome the issue.


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