Significance of Data Journalism in Content Marketing


Content marketing today focuses on generating and distributing valuable content to entice a targeted audience across digital channels. Content marketing gives marketers another opportunity to interact with customers without selling. It can be quite effectively used as a non-intrusive marketing channel.

The growth of social media is one of the factors that has led to the growing stature of content marketing. Due to this, there was a gradual change in the mind sets of many firms from being an advertiser to a publisher. Adding to this point, many of the companies forgot to make use of an important drift in the traditional media-Data journalism. Data journalism will indicate the expansion of numerical data which has been used in the fabrication and distribution of information in the digital epoch. Enterprise’s’ access to data is now more than ever before. Many of the marketers are using data to track and measure impact of their decisions related to marketing. We cannot generalise this point since many firms like OKCupid, General Electric and Kickstarter use this data at a strategic level too. Firm such as Jawbone was successful enough to cash the data which also helped them to give back the wealth in the form of genuine content. Content Audit, Data acquisition and Analysis, strategy development and content creation are various data driven approaches in content marketing. The optimised content will helps to generate brand awareness, to increase the purchase target and also to boost the social shares as well as linking.

By exploring the potential of data in the form of content marketing, enterprises will have its own tangible benefits. The first one is Traffic, as infographics is one of the content which is been shared in social media platform and by making data visualizations, readers can communicate their ideas which in-turn helps to bring traffic to our site. It also helps to improve engagement with real customers as they get quality data and content. It is also a sort of learning experience as it helps to strive up-to-date insights which we haven’t thought to make out. Many of the customers are worried about the personal information being collected by the companies. It ensures the secrecy of data based on certain aggregations and also helps the customers to analyze in what all ways their data is being used and hence maintains the transparency.

So in general, data journalism has got its own importance in content marketing and by making the advantage of content, every brand will maintain their voice in the digital world.


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