Sitel Group declared as Global Leader as per Customer Experience Services Archetype Report


A leading company in end-to-end customer experience products and solutions across the globe, Sitel Group is recognized as a leader in both Customer Experience Services Archetype Report and Global Report. 

Archetype report is based on the potential of 21 contact center service providers and addresses the requirements of three typical archetypes which is frequently encountered for enterprise buyers that is Customer Experience Evangelists, Automation Embracers and Digital Connoisseurs. The global report is constructed on positioning, key relationship, and go-to-market consideration in the decision-making, mainly dividing the report into Digital Operations and AI & Analytics.

Sitel Group is the sole service provider company that is the leader in all three archetypes will 4 out of 4 scores.

Automation Embracers- Sitel Group has brought EXP+™ Evolve’s contact center automation, the effectiveness and efficiency of doing a job have significantly increased while maintaining the quality. Sitel group is known for leveraging its global partner ecosystem to provide digital solutions to its clients. It’s the only provider to score 4 out of 4 marks.

Digital Connoisseurs- Sitel Group provides integrated and vertical solutions with cross-functional experts and the overall product and capability platform, EXP+™ to its clients. This integrated Customer Experience platform includes digital, self-service, automation, and AI solutions across its digital customer journey via Sitel Digital Agent and Sitel Interaction Analytics solutions.

Customer Experience Evangelists- Sitel Group differentiates itself from others in driving more meaningful and empathetic conversations by using advanced analytics to create a more positive impact on Customer Experience. Robust analytics capabilities within the EXP+Evolve family of Sitel Group emphasize data visualization and Modeling, for example, Sitel Process Optimization Consulting. The case study itself shows the diversity of services delivered and the use of advanced digital technologies to generate a positive impact on Customer Experience.

Sitel Group is also a leader in AI and Analytics along with Digital Operations.

AI & Analytics- Sitel Group is one of the leading players in the contact center industry. Sitel Group has effectively shown the usage of analytics and automation to improve overall customer experience by driving more empathetic and meaningful conversation. 

Digital Operations- With 35 years of Sitel Group’s experience, strength, and best practices of serving diverse global clients sets to become a reputed contact center provider. The company has suitably placed itself as a global contact center outsourcing leader with strategic organic growth and concentration on end-to-end solutions delivery through EXP+ for all kinds of brands. 


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