Skype iOS app introduces Blur feature


Skype the communication platform is a part of Microsoft. It is connecting people both in personal and professional life. Skype is developed for one-one conversations and group conversations through mobile, PC, Xbox, and Alexa, based out of San Francisco.

Now, the global communication platform Skype’s mobile app for iPhones and iPads is updated with a new screen-blurring feature. This update is similar to the background blur in Microsoft Teams. The new feature is supportive on PC, iOS, and iPadOS. There is no news regarding Android support.

The new update helps one to hide their messy room while attending a video call with your peers or colleague or client. Users can download the latest version of Skype for iPhone or iPad and can enable the blur within the video call options.

Microsoft uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to blur the background and keep the main focus on the user.

The blur effect used is essentially called bokeh, it detects hair, arms, and hands to avoid blurring out the body language during the video calls.  When you are on the video call, all you need to do is flip switch the “Blur my Background” settings. This action blurs your background by keeping you as the main focus.

Earlier this year in March, Microsoft teams added the blur feature to enhance the better-satisfied experience during professional meetings. In teams, users can either blur the background or can replace the background with an image. Users can either choose from the images provided or can use an image of their own choice. The images should be of extension JPG, PNG, or BMP file. The company said that the users can change the background before the call or during the call.

Earlier this year in March, Microsoft said that the number of people using the platform is intensified by 70 percent in a month. The company also said that the Skype-to-Skype calling minutes jumped up to 220 percent. Skype faces a very high competition with Zoom and Google meet.

Google meet, Google’s video conferencing service is also in the path of development of blur features for its user background during the call.


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