SmartStream declares its second-generation AI data quality solution


SmartStream Technologies is the financial Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM®) solutions provider which announces SmartStream Air version 2. The product uses the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology to convert data quality and reconciliation processes which are normally be measured in weeks and months, to just seconds. 

Also, cloud-based technology is acquired through a new user interface that controls large volumes of data in any format to attain even higher match rates. SmartStream Air version 2 allows organizations with a distinctive solution to immediately collate all types of data sets, regardless of format and complication.

The new version features inbuilt observational learning capabilities with a new AI technology called ‘Affinity’. It automatically learns how records correlate to one another and can mimic and learn from actions made by a user.

The AI set up its understanding of how records match up and Affinity will help the user to notably minimize the time it takes for carrying out the matching of complex data sets. Ultra-fast matching results are distributed to the end-user with high-quality results.

This is the next-generation AI solution that provides data quality and verification processes in an elastic cloud-based deployment model by making use of the latest technologies and digital-friendly services.

SmartStream Air version 2 takes the PCI-DSS label, which is the most allowed data security standard, and also when hosting digital payments data it has been guaranteed at the highest level of security standards. 

They are also certified with SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3, attestation, and ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 standard which ensures robust security controls over the whole organization, inclusive of personnel security, fraud control mechanisms, physical security, IT & data security, and data privacy.

The chief innovations officer, SmartStream, Andreas Burner, stated that the company has 13 years of experience with cloud technologies and have full knowledge of how these platforms need to behave. The new version of SmartStream Air and the enclosing technology, Affinity, knows what needs to be done and the results are a lot faster than previously. Affinity is very simple and it knows how to compare complex data sets and the results are gathered in seconds.


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