Social and Mobile Analytics are here to stay for long!


Social Analytics is examining, observing, calculating and clarifying digital communications and relationships of people, concept, subject and content. Communication occurs in organization and external communities. Social analytics incorporate sentiment analysis; natural-language processing and social networking analysis. It also includes progressive techniques such as text analysis, predictive modeling and recommendations. Social media analytics assist the firms to analyze which social media tools and strategies are relatively promoting their objectives. On the other hand, Mobile analytics is all about analyzing the nature of mobile website visitors in an identical way to traditional web analytics. In simple terms, Mobile web analytics attributes about the data that has been compiled as visitors approach a website from a mobile phone. Mobile Analytics is vital since it helps to frame a profitable mobile marketing scenario. It also helps to identify which side of an application is being used by the people.

The main reason why marketers are giving preference to social and mobile analytics is that it helps to accomplish simple for the marketers to setup real time connections with the customer. Social media marketing has developed exponentially over the past few periods. It provides new chance and networks and marketers wish to adapt to new changes. At the same time it faces many challenges like unestablished expertise, heavy lifting and lack of proper business impact.

According to a recent survey conducted by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, it is found that marketers are giving more of their funding to social, mobile and marketing analytics. The study was floated in 2008 and layout to gauge CMO for budgeting and engaging about the economy. Marketers is optimistic about the US economy by giving an average of 69.7 on 100 scale even though there has been a slight difference in score about the survey been conducted in February. It also says that usage of digital marketing is supposed to boost 12.2% over the upcoming year. Here the important fact is that some of the largest rise will be in mobile, social and data analytics. CMO Survey enquired marketers to rate in scale of 1-7 in such a way that how useful they were in diversified field of handling social media. Even though the marketers are spending more on these two, the survey also says that marketers are facing a hard time in assurance with the return on investment. According to Mr.Moorman, CMOs are facing various hurdles in how to effectively use the practical information while taking a decision. He also says that most of the firms are making the use of mobile devices to attach to social sites. But the main problem arises here is that how to handle mobile so that it reaches to the customers.

So by emphasizing more on Social and Mobile analytics, CMOs should be in a position to overcome all these difficulties.


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