Social Media Analytics of Drishyam Movie – A Case Study


Social media analytics can predict whether a film is a hit or not! That is what a recent tweet analysis reveals. As we know the recent Bollywood film Drishyam featuring Ajay Devgan and Tabu is a hit. Here is a Twitter case study on the same. The NextBigWhat has collected the social media data about this film mainly from Twitter. The tweets around the Drishyam keyword were collected and then analyzed. These tweets were those over the period from July 24 to August 6 that covers both the pre-release and post-release times of this film.

The analysis of tweets has revealed the following interesting statistics. The number of tweets made during the above mentioned time frame is 2,67,102 and the unique user accounts that made these tweets is 18,764. The data set includes the tweet text, user handles that posted the tweets and time of the tweet. The data collected from these was then used to produce the analytics about the film on Twitter.

On estimating the number of tweets made on a particular date, a simple string manipulation function was plotted on the time stamp string. The three days when the number of tweets was high were found to be July 26, July 29 and July 31. It was interesting to analyze why the engagement was high on these 3 days. The movie was released on July 26 justifying the first date. The second peak on July 29 was due to the contests that were held in order to promote the film. The third on July 31 was when the movie critics came with their reviews.

On drawing a radar graph of time against the number of tweets, the time of the day when the discussions were at the peak was also derived. The conversations related to Drishyam were high between 7 PM and 10 PM as most people are highly active on the micro-blogging platform Twitter at this time. The conversations slowed down from 10 PM and were at the minimum at 4 AM. Again, it starts increasing till 10 PM. The discussions are high between 2 PM and 3 PM as well as it is the lunch time in colleges and organizations.

On the whole, the movie is doing well as it is seen from the positive reviews and popular words after the movie’s release. Social media analytics is a perfect tool to have a feel of customer sentiments and a film’s success is certainly something that can be measured with this!


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