Startup CYFIRMA is using Machine learning to Enhance Cybersecurity


Despite the robust security controls, software, and solutions available the number of cyberattacks and data breaches have escalated largely amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Though the conventional cybersecurity measures have been an aid to many, cybersecurity without cyber-intelligence can put the businesses to more complicated threats.

Businesses, with limited cybersecurity resources, have to strengthen their cyber wall effectively. But then, cybersecurity without cyber-intelligence is missing certain inputs from cyber capabilities like incident management, vulnerability management, risk assessment, and brand monitoring. Many companies do not have a proper guiding system for cybersecurity.

CYFIRMA a cyber analytics startup was launched in the year 2017. The startup is assisting businesses to understand the importance of the current cyber threat. The startup provides insights about emerging threats, digital risks, threat actors, and indicators.

CYFIRMA rolls-out a product called DeCYFIR in June 2020. DeCYFIR is a cloud-based threat identifier and cybersecurity platform. DeCYFIR helps to predict future cyberattacks. It provides insights about threat and intelligence, cyber-situational awareness, cyber incident analytics. It discovers threats, decodes signals to understand the emerging threat and apply threat intelligence to take the required steps.

DeCYFIR provides insights about who is threat creator, factors interested for hackers, why the interest occurred, possible time of occurrence, and what would be the approach. The product provides this information at a little earlier time so that the businesses would get enough time to prepare for retaliation. The company says that DeCYFIR I the only product available in the market to provide cyber-intelligence.

  • DeCYFIR also provides strategic, management, and tactical intelligence to make precise decisions. It works on four logical layers
  • Data collection- Collects the relevant data that gives insights about cyberattacks
  • Data analysis- The platform applies correlation, attribution and association methods with the help of AI and ML to understand the factor of threats
  • Data dissemination- Reads the threat signals
  • Reporting- Platform provides the required information by giving early warnings of threats and insights about it

The company uses different NLP engines and language models to collect and generate information and classification and regression algorithms to intensify the threat intelligence insights of the platform. Along with this, it also uses probability models to identify future cyberattacks, decision trees, and algorithms to map the threats.


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