Startup geniSIGHTS roll-out AI-powered business suite


geniSIGHTS, a startup founded by IIT-Madras alumnus is NASSCOM incubated has launched an artificial intelligence (AI) powered business suite called FAST. geniSIGHTS was co-founded by IITMadras alumnus Rajesh Kumar, with consulting experience and Parvathy Sarath, who is an expert hand in advanced analytics, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence. The launch of the new AI-powered business suite aims at helping medium and small enterprises to carry out data analytics through voice commands. Rajesh and Parvathy said that the launch is targeted to enlarge the scope of AI adoption and thereby making the platform affordable and accessible to small and medium scale businesses.

FAST would help entrepreneurs to analyze their business operations to understand the current situation of the business and it would take only 30 seconds to provide insights regarding the business. The suite will also provide data analytics through voice commands. It can also generate data and forecast trends in business. In the current scenario, FAST has a vital role, because entrepreneurs can understand the current business operations amidst the COVID-19. Rajesh Kumar said that FAST is a solution for small and medium enterprises that comes as a “DO-IT-Yourself” kit from the FLASH team.

The company said that the AI provides various types of charts to the user to find out what level is required for the business. Accordingly, the user can upgrade or downgrade the features to tune into his or her own preference.

Managing director of geniSIGHTS Rajesh Kumar said that the ongoing global pandemic has affected small and medium-sized enterprises. The company is looking for small and medium enterprises as an important channel for customer acquisition in India and the US. These enterprises now have to look upon their operational costs as well as to the trends and insights from the business performance. The FLASH saw this as an opportunity to find out a solution and to help these enterprises to gain insight from the business operations for better performance. FLASH is a business intelligence (BI) product that was launched in the year 2018 by Rajesh Kumar and Parvathy Sarath has served several enterprise customers both in the US and India.


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